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Increasing your Food Production

If your food is missing or has dramatically decreased, this means that your production is too low for the amount of troops in your city.

To increase your production, you can:

  • Research “Agriculture
  • Conquer wilds
  • Use production boosts and items
  • Assign a general to the Zolmet position


Savannas and lakes will increase your food production. Remember that you will be vulnerable to attacks and you may need to defend your conquered wilds.

Production boosts and items

You can apply a production boost, to temporarily increase production, or simply add the resources from packages available in your inventory and the shop.

General position

Make sure that you assign a general to the Zolmet: High Stewards slot to increase production, capacity, and storage for as long as the general remains assigned. Remember that your General will be unassign if you do not have enough gold to pay for the salary every hour.

Production quests

Remember that resource production quests, depend on your base production, not your total production. This excludes the bonuses mentioned before: wilds, research, buff items, and generals assigned to positions in your city.

To find this information, open your city Status, select “Resources”, and tap on your food production. If your base production is low, try to upgrade or build more farms to increase this value.