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Servermerge: How does it work?

World Merge Information

A World Merge will take two or more Worlds and merge them into one new World. When this takes place, many scenarios will arise causing potential conflicts. In an effort to prevent many of these conflicts World Merge rules below will be applied. Special rules will apply if you have an account on at least two of the merging Worlds. A chosen account must be selected by players to merge into the new World. Please review the information below in preparation of a potential World Merge in your World(s).


Main World Merge Rules:

Target Server

Source Servers
79 레골라스5
85 甘道夫1
251 甘道夫9

Note: These worlds are just the beginning, more worlds will follow.

Maintenance Begin Time
UTC 5/24/2017 7:00
Beijing 5/24/2017 15:00

Maintenance End Time
UTC 5/24/2017 8:00
Beijing 5/24/2017 16:00



*All Troops

*Inventory Items

*All Gear



*Might from Player Info


*World Mithril




*Tiles conquered in the Wild

*Battle Reports

*Alliance Bosses

*All Messages


*Event Center Leaderboard

*Hero Assignments

*Ignore List


The following will only be carried over from your chosen account:

*Cities and Buildings



*Player Info

*Username with previous World number appended

*Level and Experience

*Campaign Progress and Score

*Honor Points



*Might Leaderboard

*Tutorial Progress

*Temporary and Permanent Buffs

*Protection Rune Status increased by an additional 24 Hours

*Calendar Progress

*Beginner’s Offer

*Reset Marches and Camps

*Dwarf Pick and Stamina Progress

*Active Building\Training\Researching will be terminated and Resources restored

*Tokens(Daily Free Chance)

*Hero’s Skills

*Glory system

*Cross-World Building


*Elite Campaign

*City Guardian Buffs


Alliance World Merge Rules:

*All Alliances will be moved to the new World as long as an existing Member of the Alliance merges. *If the Regent of the Alliance does not merge during the scheduled timeframe, the Vice Regent will be promoted to Regent. *All Alliance related statistics will be carried to the new world(including AP, Buffs, Position, Might Requirement, Level, and Experience). *Alliance name will now have the World number appended to it.

*Alliance Diplomacy will be cleared. *Alliance Boss rewards will not be kept after merge.



Q: What happens to the existing Camps and Marches I have during the merge?

A: All Marches and Camps will be reset on the chosen account and Resources will be lost.


Q: Will I lose my progress on Building, Training, Researching, and etc?

A: Progress will be stopped but the Resources used will be refunded to the account. 


Q: If I do not have Lake-town in my chosen account will I still get my Pearls merged?

A: No. Additionally, Pearls will also exhibit the chosen account's limit. Pearls will not exceed the chosen account's capacity.


Q: Will Wall Troops be merged as well?

A: Yes. Even if you have Wall Troops from a City that your chosen account does not have ie. 4th City, it will be merged into your 1st City. 


Q: Will I lose my other account's Gear if my chosen account already hit the Gear capacity limit?

A: No. You will be able to exceed your Gear capacity limitations during the merge; however, you will not be able to acquire new Gear until you go below your capacity. 


Q: Do Gems embedded into my Gear carry over from my other accounts?

A: Yes. They will still be embedded into the Gear that was merged.


Q: If I have the level specific Chests and free relocation items on other accounts, will they merge over to the chosen account?

A: No. Only level specific Chests and the free relocation items on the chosen account will remain. 


Q: Regarding Leaderboards, what will be merged from my accounts?

A: Might Leaderboards will be merged from all accounts but Troops Killed and Might Gained Leaderboards will only be applied from the chosen account.


Q: Will the Calendar prizes change when Worlds merge?

A: Although possible, the Worlds that merge are usually similar in content and lifespan and should contain similar Calendar prizes even if it is different.


Q: Will my Gear stay equipped on my Heroes?

A: Yes. All Gear from your chosen account’s Heroes will remain equipped with the same attributes, upgrade level, and embedded Gems. Other equipped Gear from other merged accounts will still carry over but will no longer be equipped.


Q: If I did not use my Daily Free Play for Galadriel’s Gift will it carry over?

A: Yes for the chosen account only. 


Q: What if some has the same name as me in the World merge?

A: When the merge happens, players will have their World number appended to their name. Please rename your player name or Alliance as soon as possible as it will be on a first come first serve basis.


Q: What if the Regent and Vice Regent do not merge? Who becomes the Regent of the Alliance?

A: If there is no Regent or Vice Regent, an Officer will be appointed. If there are no Officers, the Member with the highest Might in the Alliance will become the new Regent.


Q: What happens if I don’t choose my account to merge before the deadline?

A: You will not be able to play on your original World(s) and will need to select the newly merged World assigned to your World(s) if you wish to play on your affected account. You will also no longer be a part of an Alliance.


Q: Will my City Guardian and Permanent Buffs be carried over from my other accounts?

A: No, only your chosen account’s Buffs will be applied to the new merged World. 


Q: If I have a 2 hour Protection Rune Buff active before the merge, will it carry over to the new World?

A: Yes, additionally 24 hours will be added to your existing 2 hour Protection Rune Buff status.