Tournaments: Dragon's Pit

In the Dragon's Pit you can fight against other players to earn points that you can exchange for incredible prizes.

You can find more information about this system [here].

Enter the anteroom by tapping on the Dragon's Pit.

Dragon formation

Before starting a battle, you can manage your dragons and modify the structure of your team according to your strategy. You can use up to 3 dragons for each formation.



Once you form your team, go back to the anteroom and click on the "" VS "" icon to select a player to fight.


Dragon Skills

Each dragon has its own set of common combat skills and abilities. Combat Skills are permanent, active skills that you can use in the Dragon's Pit. Upgrade them to increase their effects.

The Great Dragon uses a protective orb: the ancient magic of this orb protects your dragon from harm and returns attacks to their source.
The Water Dragon uses expansive healing - the power of the Water Dragon often goes unnoticed. With his great healing magic, this dragon can heal his allies.
The Night Dragon uses ghostly attack: this dragon is able to attack enemies stealthily and cause serious damage.
The Earth Dragon uses a stone wall: Thanks to its incredible power, this dragon can create stone walls to protect its allies.
The Fire Dragon uses fire pillar: The Fire Dragon is famous for the precision of his attacks, which can hit an entire line of enemies in the pit.

Every time they perform an action, your dragons will use energy. His combat skills will be activated automatically when the energy bar is full again (the energy bar is located below the life bar).



Combine different dragons, place them in the proper position and use their abilities wisely to maximize your chances of winning in combat!