Beginner's Guide: Dragon Training

Train your dragons up to 5 times a day in the dragon cave to gain experience and extra gold.

You can unlock up to 5 training caverns:

1: automatically unlocked.
2 - Unlocks when you reach level 15.
3 - Unlocks when you reach level 30.
4: unlocked if you spend 50 rubies.
5 - Unlocked if you spend 200 rubies.

To train your dragons in the available caverns, go to the dragon cave and select the dragon you want to train.

You can choose between normal (medium EXP) or advanced (higher EXP) workouts. Each session will last 30 minutes, but you can use accelerators to train your dragons faster.

During training, your dragons will not be available for combat, but they will be able to access the Dragon Pit. If your dragon is marching or healing, it will not be available for training.