Guild Mines

In the Guild Mine you can collect materials for the new guild snthesization feature.

  • The Guild Mine can be activated from the Guild Master only twice a week:Tuesday and Thursday between 00:00 – 24:00. The Guild mine is open for 30 minutes and spawns materials every 3 minutes. 
  • Opening the Guild Mine requires “Guild Materials”. Guild Materials are obtainable via “DARU CONTRIBUTION” under the Contribute to your guild window.
  • Donating Daru gives Guild Materials and Materials for yourself which you can use in the advanced guild shop.
  • The Guild Mine can be upgraded by the guild master with using guild materials. Upgrading the guild mines gives you more gathering attempts for collecting materials needed in Guild Synthesization.
  • Guild members can pray at the tree of ancients and get one bonus material when a total of 300 prayers is reached.