Advanced Runes


  1. Class Advancement.
  2. Low runestone has reached lv. 10.
  3. Upgrade consumes 10 Mystery Runestones.
  4. Only following items can be upgraded to advanced runes: Brutality Rune, Blood Rune, and Recovery Rune.


Advanced Runes Upgrade

  1. You can tap Engulf on the rune icon to upgrade them, just as you do with Low runes.
  2. Upgrade of advanced runestones cost Mystery Runestones. Only available Mystery Runestones will be displayed on the right side in the upgrade screen.
  3. An advanced rune can engulf 1,000 runestones every day.


Mystery Runestone

Mystery Runestones are dropped from bosses on the Soul Island. Soul Island boss reward has increased as follows:

Rank 1: Mystery Runestone*25

Rank 2: Mystery Runestone*20

Rank 3: Mystery Runestone*15

Rank 4-10: Mystery Runestone*10

Rank 11-200: Mystery Runestone*5