Lv. 80 Red Equipment

Craft lv. 80 red equipment with lv. 80 orange equipment. Holy Forge level and Refinement level will be inherited, and their level cap will also be raised.

  1. Synthesis Material

Lv. 8 orange equipment+Titan Stone Fragment+Titan Steel Fragment+Gold

  1. Refinement, Socket, Recycle, Enhancement
  • Refinement of red equipment consumes Essence Refinement Crystals.
  • Refinement attributes will stay after upgrade.
  • Lv. 80 red equipment cannot be recycled.
  • You don’t need to remove Gems from the sockets, and the sockets will stay after upgrade.
  • Enhancement level will be erased after upgrade. Enhancement level is capped at 36.
  • Holy Forge of Red Equipment
  • Holy Forge level will stay after upgrade.
  • A piece of lv.8, 10 starts red equipment will become lv.1, 1 moon after being Holy Forged with Vulcan's Stithy and Vulcan's Clamp.
  • Holy Forge level of red equipment is the same as orange equipment. With each upgrade comes 10 more levels.
  • The Holy Forge level of red equipment is capped at lv.8, 10 moons. Each moon requires Vulcan's Stithy*5 and Vulcan's Clamp*15.
  • The success rate of red equipment Holy Forge is the same as that of lv. 80 orange equipment.