Purgatory Maze


  • The Purgatory Maze has been added, which will be available after you clear 30 levels of the Tormented Necropolis.
  • Purgatory Key*3 are required to enter the Purgatory Maze. The unit price is 28 Balens.
  • You can challenge or blitz the Purgatory Maze once a day (clear 10 levels or more to enable Blitz feature). Attempts reset daily at 5:00 a.m.
  • You will be revived on spot if you fail, and you can enter the maze again if you leave.
  • Sylphs can be deployed in the Purgatory Maze.
  • You will get a chest after defeating the guardian in each level.



You have a chance to get:


Vulcan Stove

Crystal Shard

1/2 Will Crystal

1/2 Guard Crystal of Fire

1/2 Guard Crystal of Water

1/2 Guard Crystal of Electricity

1/2 Guard Crystal of Air

1/2 Guard Crystal of Dark

1/2 Guard Crystal of Light

9/10 HP Gem Scroll