Sacred Fire

[Battleground Introduction]

Participation Requirement: Class Advanced players

Battleground Open Hours: Starts on the hour during 13:00-23:00, each session lasts for 20 minutes.

Battleground Lineup: 15 vs 15

[Battleground Gameplay]

  1. Occupy Totems

Totems: There are 3 totems in the battleground. Capture them to earn points.

How to Occupy Totems:

  1. Each totem has a flag that is placed in the middle of a progression bar at first. When a player remains under the flag for over 15 seconds, their faction will occupy it. Another 15 seconds and the flag will reach the end on their side. The progression bar represents 60 seconds in total.
  2. In case of confrontation under the flag, the faction with greater number wins the flag.

Players will not be able to occupy totems or receive rewards if they discount or go offline.


  1. Sacred Fire

Three pieces of Sacred Fires will spawn in the alter in the middle of the battleground. They can be collected by any player (max 1 Sacred Fire per player) and this process is instant. Players carrying Sacred Fires will have 10% bonus all stats. Upon death, the Sacred Fire will be transferred directly to the killer. Players carrying Sacred Fires when the session ends will receive extra rewards.

If both players are carrying Sacred Fires, the Sacred Fire of the defeated one will spawn in its original location.

The three Sacred Fires spawn respectively at 5:00, 10:00, and 15:00. There will be a prompt when a Sacred Fire spawns.

If a player carrying a Sacred Fire gets discounted or goes offline, the Sacred Fire will respawn immediate.


  1. Battle Changes
  1. Instead of troops from the Sacred Fire Temple, two Sylphs will join the fight. The team can be empty (meaning no Sylphs are deployed).
  2. Bring up the Sylph panel using the team button on the right.
  3. Skill orders of the Sylphs can be changed in the panel, and each Sylph can carry up to 3 active skills.


  1. Points
  1. The battle is ended when a faction reaches 2,000 points.
  2. Earn points by killing hostile players and occupying totems (you won’t lose points upon death).


  1. Battleground Rewards (players who haven’t earned any point can only get Honor)
  1. Result Rewards: Delivered after the battle based on victory/defeat. Players who haven’t earned any point in the battle are not entitled to the result rewards.
  2. Solo Points Rewards: Delivered after the battle based on solo points . The solo points rewards are fixed and only influenced by points ranking. All players who have earned points will be sorted by the amount of points. In case multiple players have the same points, their rankings will be sorted by Might. A minimum of 50 points is required to get the solo points rewards.
  3. Kill Rewards: Killing hostile players brings Honor, just like in any existing battleground.
  4. Sacred Fire Rewards: Players who keep the Sacred Fire at the end of the battle will receive Soul Engraving*5 as reward.