Refinement and Red Sylphs

  • Refinement
  1. Get a Sylph requiring lv. 80 by refining a Sylph requiring lv. 70 using materials and gold.
  2. The Sylph requiring lv. 80 will inherit following stats after refinement.Partial Inheritance (80%): Advancement, aptitude. You can use diamonds (unbound only) to ensure 100% inheritance.
  3. Full Inheritance: level, EXP, points, skills.
  4. A Sylph requiring lv. 70 needs to meet 2 conditions to be refined:
  1. Reach lv. 80
  2. Orange quality
  • Red Sylph

Enchantment and Advancement are available for advanced refined lv. 80 orange Sylphs.

Enchantment requires Advanced Sepulcrums.

Advancement requires Advanced Mahra. Sylphs will upgrade to red Sylphs when their blessing points are maxed. Then you can use Advanced Sepulcrums to enchant them until the points reach their limit.

  • FAQ/Help
  1. Refinement is only available for lv. 60 purple Sylphs or beyond.
  2. You must reach character lv. 70 to refine.
  3. Advanced refinement is available for lv. 80 orange Sylphs.
  4. After advanced refinement, Sylphs can be further advanced to red quality. Red Sylphs can then be enchanted.
  5. Fostering Sylphs after advanced refinement will require Advanced Mahra and Advanced Sepulcrums.
  6. The new Sylph will inherit level and skills from the former one after refinement and advanced refinement. Although their quality and aptitude are only partially inherited by default, you can use diamonds to achieve 100% inheritance.
  7. Sylphs will have hight growth and greater potential after refinement and advance refinement.
  8. Sylphs can learn more skills after refinement and advanced refinement.