Mount Refinement System

Mount Refinement System

1. Unlock Mount Refinement System

• Players will be able to refine their activated mounts by increasing the stars that each mount has.

• Limited-time Mounts and VIP Mounts cannot be refined. Stars will not be displayed for mounts that are not activated.

2. Refining Mounts

• Click on the arrow on the bottom of each activated mount to enter the mount refinement page.

• Each refinement consumes one Mount Hoof. 1-Tap Refine will consume 10 Mount Hoofs at once. Players will not be able to refine using balens or bound balens.

• Players will receive +1 Blessing with every refinement. Once the Blessings bar is full, the mount will gain a star and its attributes will also get a boost.

• 10 Mount Hoofs will be consumed after tapping on the 1-Tap Refine. If the Blessing required for the next level is less than 10, then 10 Mount Hoofs will be consumed to bring your mount to the next level and you will receive the remaining Blessing after the mount leveled up. For example, if your Blessing is currently at 49/50, after the 1-Tap Refine and consuming 10 Mount Hoofs, the mount will level up and you will end up with 8/50 Blessing.

• All attribute boosts are stackable and will not expire.