Wilds in Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North

Wilds are regions on the World Map that are not occupied by a city. They have different purposes:

  • Combat - Pictish Camps contain invaders and can be scouted and attacked.
  • City Relocation - Plains can be used to relocate your City to that location.
  • Resources

Wilds will help you increase your Resource production by applying boosts when conquered. There are different Resource Wilds in the game:

Food - Grasslands and Lakes
Ore - Mountains
Stone - Hills
Wood - Woods

High level Wilds provide better production boosts, but require a larger army to conquer and defend them. Attacking Wilds has a chance to reward you with City Crests for new City Deeds.

In order to conquer an unoccupied or occupied Wild, you need to have available Troops. You will be exposed to enemy attacks after claiming the buff for your city, so make sure you have the Might to defend it!

All conquered Wilds will be listed in the Castle under “Conquests”. Leveling up your Castle will increase the amount of Wilds you can conquer. However, if you reach your limit, you will be able to abandon lower level Wilds by tapping on “Abandon”.

To see the Wilds on your World Map, go to your general Map View on the lower left corner of the game.