Refinement Guide: Refining and Locks in the Blacksmith

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Refining your Gear in the Blacksmith is a useful feature that allows players to customize and buff Gear.

How do you Lock Stats?
If you want to keep a Stat from being altered, the Lock must be activated before you tap the Refine button.

After dragging the piece of equipment you would like to Refine in the equipment slot at the top left, tap on the Locks next to each Stat you don’t want to change.

Here we are locking the Block LV. 7 and PDEF LV. 4 Stats, then tapping Refine. This will generate New Attributes for the other three unlocked Stats.

Remember that locking Stats will cost you Balens every time you Refine.

In the following image, the New Attributes are different from the previous Stats, but the locked Stats remain the same.

From here, you can continue to Refine the unlocked Stats indefinitely, as long as you have enough Balens available. You can also lock other Stats, which will increase the amount of Balens required for the Refinement.

However, tapping on the Lock after a Refinement will not lock the NEW Attributes for a new Refinement, it will lock the Stats in green.

You can see that: Intellect +16 and Defense +19 will be locked, NOT HP +171 or MDEF +77. Remember that Locking Stats ONLY applies to the Refinement, not to saving your changes. If you refine your item, lock a Stat after this, and tap on “Change”, the Lock will not work. It will save the new Attribute instead.

You cannot select the Attributes you like the most after refining an item.

Once you are happy with the Refinement, you will need to tap on “Change” to save the New Attributes, and they will replace your current unlocked Stats.

In this example, you can see that the Lock was applied AFTER the Refinement, and then the player tapped on “Change”.