Upgrading your Mount

At Level 40, you will receive your first Mount, and with it, access to your Stable. Each Mount has a different Mount Strenght and Attributes. You can see them by going to your Stable, tapping on “Stable” and tapping on the Mount you wish to examine.

Upgrading your Stable will influence all your Mounts. Collect Mount Training Whips to upgrade each Stat: Strength, Intellect, Endurance, and Defense.

To do this, go to your Stable, tap on the Stat you wish to improve, select the amount of Training Whips you wish to apply (1 Whip or 50), and tap on “Train”.

Please notice that the process will not cost Balens, if you have enough Whips to complete it for free. If you do not own enough Whips the game will prompt you with a pop up message, along with a check box asking you if you want to "Use Bound Balens first" and to "Cancel" or "Confirm".

If you confirm this prompt, you will be charged the difference in Balens that you did not have in Whips in order to complete the Training.