Account Migration

Migration cannot be undone once finished, and your data cannot be restored. Please think twice and confirm you have selected a correct current server and destination server before you continue.

What you need to know about account migration:

  1. Most migrations take from 10 seconds to 2 minutes to complete, depending on when you do it and the amount of data on your account.
  2. Make sure your character on the destination server has quit its Guild before the migration (you will receive a prompt message when migrating).
  3. Migration is unavailable when Guild Wars is in progress (you will receive a prompt message when migrating).
  4. Sent mails and notification mails will not be migrated.
  5. Guild dungeons (raid boss) will be refreshed and set to “close” after the migration.
  6. Migration is unavailable when a City Event is in progress, so all City Events will be on hold on servers ready for migration
  7. The scores of the Arena, the Tournament of Valor and the Trinity Mode will be reset after the migration. Make sure you claim your rewards first!
  8. The Tournament of Valor ranking you have achieved on the current server will be kept on the cross-server leaderboard, but you need to start from scratch in the destination server with a new identity after the migration.
  9. Should a guild leader choose to migrate, their guild goes with them, but the leader’s character and the original guild on the current server will not be removed. However, once the migration is completed, the guild leader can no longer login on the previous server.
  10. After a guild has migrated, all officials except the leader will be demoted to ordinary members, and no one in the guild will be able to join the Guild Wars, even if the leader actually signed up for it before they chose to migrate.
  11. If a guild member migrates before their leader, they will quit the guild.
  12. If a guild member migrates after their leader, they will automatically join the original guild in the destination server unless the guild is already full.
  13. After the migration, the recruitment option of your guild will be set to “approval only”, both on the current server and the destination server.