7.1 Update - Eternal War

As of the 7.1 patch (5/24/17) Wartune is preparing a cross-realm, multiplayer-team contest called Eternal War.
1. A coupled battle rating of 500k or higher is required. Sign-ups for the preliminary will start one day prior to the preliminary matches.
2. The Eternal War consists of matches (preliminary and final), predictions and the Eternal Shop.
3. Once the preliminary rounds start, teams will compete in matches and the first 100 teams that last in the preliminary will quality for the finals.
4. Teams are divided into HALL OF ACES (Battle rating rank 1-16) and HALL OF CHAMPIONS (Battle rating rank 17-100). In the final,
and they will be competing with opponents in the same Hall. Battle rating is measured by the teams' Battle rating when successfully signing up.
5. Players can Predict which team will take a specific ranking (randomly given by the system).
6. Eternal Crystals can be obtained by participating in preliminary and final, and prediction. They can be used to exchange for goods in the Eternal Shop.