Data Migration Notice

Greetings Champions!

    We’re closing some inactive servers starting on May 15th following a thorough survey on active users on each server. The upsides of this decision will be closer interaction among players and more fierce competition within each server. Please read the instructions below to be prepared for the migration.


    Starting from May 15th, all players on the original servers (to be closed) will receive a pop-up window notifying them about the migration.



  • Max 10,000 Gems per deleted character.
  • Each deleted character level = 10 Gems.
  • All deleted 7 star cards (based on the highest tier, doesn't matter how many) = 100 Gems (tier 1), 200 Gems (tier 2), 400 Gems (tier 3), 800 Gems (tier 4).
  • If no characters have been deleted, you will get 10,000 Gems.

Here’s the chart of original and target servers in question:


Please contact us for any inconvenience this may cause: HOCCS@GAEAMOBILE.COM   

HOC Team